The Message of the Federal Democratic Movement of Azerbaijan to the demonstration in Brussels in defence of Ahwazi Arabs in Iran


Dear   Friends


In the first anniversary of the Ahwazi Arabs uprising, which followed the brutal repression by the   Islamic government in Iran, we  are  standing shoulder by shoulder of our Arab compatriots in their struggle for a just cause , in proclaiming of their denied political and cultural identity . The Ahwazi Arabs in Iran in the last 80 years , like other nationalities  ,have been  victims of systematic political , cultural and economic oppression by the successive governments in power in our country. The policy of the  national oppression , a deliberate dislocation of indigenous Arabs, cultural assimilation and expulsion of them from their lands by subtle methods or direct coercion , was part and parcel of the chauvinistic politics in Iran. The Islamic Republic like its precedent subverted monarchy, even more aggressive than it , has  followed this discriminatory policy, which has been led to political , economic and cultural disparity between the dominant Farsi nationality and other oppressed nationalities in Iran , paramount to an apartheid state.


We stand shoulder in shoulder with you in your struggle for your denied rights, denied name and recognition of your identity. We offer our political and moral support , for a common struggle for a democratic and federative Iran ,the common country and fatherland of all nationalities in Iran, and fraternity between them.



The Federal Democratic Movement of Azerbaijan


           The Executive Body