On February 19, 2005, leader of organizations representing major nationalities and ethnic groups in Iran gathered in a summit to form “the Congress of Iranian Nationalities for a Federal Iran (Congreh Meliathai-e- Iran-e-Federal). The gathering took place in a London hotel.  At the end of the summit, the leaders issued the following manifesto:




Iran is owned and belongs to all its peoples and nationalities, a right that they have been denied and taken away from them.

We understand and feel the national injustice that Iranian nationalities have been subjected to, and therefore, we dearly honor the sacrifices made and the hardships endured by the sons and daughters of Iran for freedom and justice.

We believe that the legitimacy of any government is derived from its peoples – this should be the case in multinational/multiethnic Iran as well.


Whereas without the participation of all its nationalities to have the opportunity to rule the country and the regions that they live in, realization of freedom, development and peace is impossible; We believe the establishment of a federalist system of government on the basis of ethnic-nationalities and geography is the only political mechanism that is enduring, and allows all Iranian nationalities to realize their aspirations and the exercise of self rule in a framework of a free, united and a democratic Iran.


We, the undersigned, organizations that represent major Iranian nationalities, have gathered on the 20th of February to hold the “Congress of Iranian Nationalities for a Federal Iran”.


We have set the following principles as the basis for future activities and cooperation:


  1. That Islamic Republic of Iran is a totalitarian, anti-democratic and violator of the rights of the Iranian peoples. Hence its removal is the mercenary condition for the establishment of a federal democratic government in Iran.
  2. Notwithstanding our firm believe in the inallienable rights for the exercise of the rights of self determination in accordance with the United Nations declaration of human rights and all pertinent international accords; we desire a federal system of government, on the basis of national ethnicity and geography, in a united and an integral Iran.
  3. Separation of religion and state.
  4. Removal of any gender discrimination and full equality of men and women in every sphere of life, social, political, economics etc.
  5. Guarantee of freedom of thoughts, free speech and assembly, and freedom to organize social and political organizations, ensure and provide for the equal rights of all citizens in legal enjoyment of these freedoms.
  6. Guarantee social and political equity and justice, and enhancement of quality of life of all citizens.
  7. Establish peaceful relations with all countries on the basis of mutual respect and respect for international norms and accords, and resolution of conflicts employing peaceful means and internal law.
  8. Combat terrorism and weapons of mass destruction in the region and internationally, cooperate with international endeavors toward achievement of this objective and, in defense of peaceful resolution of regional and international conflicts.


We ask all political organizations and personalities who believe in these principles to join us in CINFI and assist us in fulfillment of our objectives set henceforth.



1- Balochistan United Front-Iran

2- Baloch Peoples Party

3- Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan

4-Democratic Solidarity Party of Ahwaz

5- Federal Democratic Movement of Azerbaijan

6- Komela Party –Iran

7- Organization for Defense of the Rights of Turkmen People