Appeal to : UNESCO  and  Human Rights Organization


On behalf of Iranian Azerbaijanis  who   respect  the   21 st. of February

as  the annual International Mother Language Day ,  and as the believers  of  UNESCO’s  intention to achieve global peace through solving  cultural differences

Azerbaijanis had decided to celebrate  this day in the city of Tabirz ( the central city  of Iranian Azerbaijan ) in order to help a better understanding , integration and co-operation amongst  the ethnic Iranian .


They had  obtained proper permit from the special organization within the government of Islamic Republic of Iran for this occasion and  had invited 18 linguists and related speakers to participate in this celebration .


In spite of necessary information which were presented to the authorities in TABIRZ,

assembling permit was   denied  by police force some hours before the beginning of the ceremony and the  participants were obliged to leave  the area without any clarification .


Referring to the latest statistics of UNESCO  which clearly specifies that “ half of the     

world’s 6000 to 7000 languages are in danger of extinction “ we the 23,000,000 Azerbaijanis of Iran (  UN statistics 1998 ) composing  % 37 of Iranian population against 22,000,000 Farsi speaking population of the country (% 35as the same statistics )

are facing the danger of extinction of our mother language due to the lack of educating

our children in our own language.


Although we ,  Azerbaijanis along with speakers of  other languages and dialects are the actual  nation of Iran , unfortunately since 1925 our language rights have officially been taken over by Farsi language and we have lost the rights of any development and protection over our own Mother language by forbidding them to educate in schools and  other educational organizations , which concluded none Farsi languages to be  sacrificed by Chauvinistic Pan-Farsism .


Even after  the Islamic Revolution of Iran ( 1979 ) in-spite-of articles 15 and 19 of country’s constitutional law to protect none Farsi languages , the government  has not been able to support none Farsi languages in the country and  Iran has become the largest grave-yard of none Farsi mother languages and dialects .


In accordance with the latest verifications and investigations , Iranian  nation is facing

the danger of extinction of about 130 languages and dialects out of 200 living languages and dialects of the country within next 50 years if  immediate actions are not taken to reserve them in proper ways.


We therefore take the opportunity of forwarding our appeal to the UNESCO and

Human Rights Organizations to help us with reservation  of our  mother language within humanitarian bounds and boundaries  before it becomes humanitarian disaster.


On behalf of  out of Iran  Azerbaijanis 

The Cultural Azerbaijani Organization of Berlin 

Germany March 2, 2005 

Dr. M. A. Farzane

Dr. Siddige Adalati

Dr.  Reza Baraheni

Dr. Zia Sadrolasharfi