List and Pictures of the Ten People, Killed

During the Recent Antiapartheid Revolt of Azerbaijanis in Iran


According to international conventions governments and rebellions by no means can fire and kill the civilians. But unfortunately the regime of Islamic Republic of Iran following through the series of human rights violation and ignoring international laws suppressed the demonstrations of Azerbaijanis and wreaked carnage in the different cities of Azerbaijan. The 27th article of constitution of Islamic Republic of Iran says, “Public gatherings and marches may be freely held, provided arms are not carried and that they are not detrimental to the fundamental principles of Islam.” And also according to International Convention of Human Rights everyone has the right to hold the gathering.

In spite of the above mentioned laws and conventions, regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran used the four military forces (Army, Sipah, Basij and Police) and fired at demonstrators in Tabriz on 22nd of May, in Urmu on 23rd of May and in Naghadey and Meshkinshahr on 25th of May and killed many of the people, wanting their primary national and human rights. According to informal statistics tens of people were killed, hundreds were injured and many were arrested during this wild suppression. Because of boycotting of the news in this region and irresponsibility and insensitivity of news agencies and human rights organizations in Iran, the exact number and names of martyrs (killed people) have not been determined yet.

“Human Rights Assembly of Azerbaijanpublishes the names of ten and pictures of nine martyrs according to reliable information, gathered from different hospitals and martyrs’ families.

Simultaneous with the first session of “Human Rights Assembly “The Informative Committee of Human Rights Assembly of Azerbaijan” publishes the names of ten and pictures of nine people and hopes that all of the defenders of human rights and adherents of democracy will hear the justice-loving voice of Azerbaijanis and help them with the fighting against apartheid and racial discrimination in Iran.

It should be mentioned that the Committee tries to publish the lists of other martyrs, injured and tortured people along with the documents as soon as possible. Therefore it is requested that anyone who has any information (including pictures, films and documents) in this connection, send it to this Committee.

List of Naghadey’s martyrs

These persons were killed by the firing of Sipah and Police forces under the command of colonel Muhibbiniya (brother of Tikab’s deputy in Parliament) on 25th of May. One of the personnel of the refrigerator room of Naghadey’s Imam Xumeyni hospital said that the number of martyrs on that day was fourteen and some of them have been transferred to Urmu’s Arifiyan hospital (owned by Sipah). However, the people listed below with their picture have been killed and buried in Naghadey.

Names from right to left:



Asgar Qasimi, Himmat Ismzada, Huseyn Fathipur, Mahammadali Jannatniya, Tovhid Azariyun

List of Tabriz’s Martyrs

The severity of the suppression and shooting by military force on the 22nd of May shows that many people were killed in Tabriz. However, because of news boycotting and military atmosphere of the city, we could only recognize two of these martyrs:

Behruz Sabuhinijad, who was the inhabitant of Kuy-i Parvaz in Tabriz, has been killed under the severe torture and strokes. His dead body was found in Tabriz’s Shah Gölü pool with the signs of handcuffs and torture on his hands and body. He was a known activist in the Azerbaijan National Movement in Kuy-i Parvaz district. His brother is also lost and we do not know anything about him (we could not get this martyr’s picture because regime has put his family under pressure).

Riza Miraghapur Darvish, who was an activist in Tabriz’s Imamiya district passed away in the hospital after three days as the result of strokes and injuries.

List of Meshkinshahr’s martyrs

Calil Abidi was killed by the direct shooting of a policeman by his head during the demonstration of the 25th of May. His family is under pressure and his lawyer, Saleh Kamrani, has been put under arrest.

List of Urmu’s martyrs

Two people were killed during the demonstration on 23rd of May in Urmu:



Farzad Asadpur (age 22, student of Urmu’s Azad University)

Eivaz Saiyahi

Public Relations of Human Rights Assembly of Azerbaijan