Declaration of a Group of Political Prisoners' Families, Intellectuals, Academics, Civil Movements and

 Human Rights Activists


Release the Azerbaijani (Civil and Cultural Rights Advocates in Iran)


From the beginning of the spring of this year tens of Azerbaijani civil and cultural rights advocates in different cities including Tabriz, Tehran, Karaj, Urmieh, Ardebil, Miandoab, Makoo, Kaleibar, Meshkinshahr, Khoy and Soofian, have been arrested and imprisoned. Although some of them have been bailed out, yet a group consisting of Hamideh Farajzadeh, Zahra Farajzadeh (women’s rights activists), Akbar Azad (writer and journalist), Hasan Rahimi Bayat (human rights activist), Hosein Nasiri, Dr. Alireza Abdollahi, Dr. Latif Hasani, Mahmood Fazli, Shahram Radmehr, Ayat Mehrali Beigloo, Behbood Gholizadeh, Aydin Khajei, Bahman Nasirzadeh, Heidar Karimi, Naim Ahmadi, Yunes Soleimani and Shokrollah Qahremani Fard – all of them Azerbaijani civil rights activists – have been in solitary confinement averagely for three months. This is while Saeid Matinpoor, Ali Abbasi, Vadud Saadati, Rahim Gholami and Behrooz Alizadeh have been in prison since last year. Lately, also Hanie Farshi Shotorban has been arrested and added to the previous collection.

As we know, many of these detentions have been realized without the presentation of a court injunction, the detainees are kept in solitary cells and are deprived of the right to choose a lawyer. Some have been exposed to severe physical and mental torture and are not allowed to meet or contact their family.

We, besides acknowledging the legitimacy of the Azerbaijanis demanding their cultural, lingual, social, economic, and political rights, believe that the campaign/struggle for achieving democracy is not separated from the campaign for earning the basic rights of residents of the ethnic communities of the country. We severely condemn the discriminatory policies (toward the non-Persian ethnic communities) of the central government of Iran, which have caused relative lag in different regions and have created ethnic gap in the society of Iran.

We believe that the campaign against dictatorship in Iran will not succeed if ignoring the citizenship rights of the Turks, and Kurds, and Arabs, and Baloochs. So, condemning all types of violence, torture, insult, aspersion and trampling of the individual rights of the arrested people, we are requesting the independent media and human rights organizations to through news covering, want their unconditional release and the referring of their cases to a fair and impartial court.

The names of the signatories

Safar Ebdali, Gohar Ebdali, Mehdi Ebdali, Sirus Ebrahimnejad (Azerbaijani civil rights activist), Shahbaz Ebrahimnejad (Azerbaijani civil rights activist), Manoochehr Ebrahimnejad (Azerbaijani civil rights activist), Akbar Ahmadi, Behrooz Ahmadi, Parviz Ahmadi, Soraya Ahmadi, Hasan Ahmadi, Hosein Ahmadi, Khalil Ahmadi, Roghaye Ahmadi, Reihaneh Ahmadi, Samira Ahmadi, Sirus Ahmadi, Ali Ahmadi, Ghorban Ahmadi, Golmohammad Ahmadi, Mohammad Ahmadi, Mehdi Ahmadi, Mehrdad Ahmadi, Vali ahmadian, Amin ahmadian ( Human rights active), Hasan ahmadian (Azerbaijani civil rights activist), Vahideh Ahmadian (Women rights active), Yashar EDr.isi, Alireza Ardebili (Azerbaijani civil rights activist), Gholamreza Ardebili, Mohammad Ardebili, Aysan Aredebili asl, Parviz Ardalan (Women rights active and winner of several human right price such as Olaf Palme), Hasan Ark (journalist and Azerbaijani civil rights activist), Amir Eshaghi, Zohreh Asadpoor (Women rights active), Leila Asadi (Women rights active), Yaser Asadi (Human rights active), Sadegh Eskandari ( Human rights active), Zoya Eskandarian (Women rights active), Saeideh Eslami (Azerbaijani civil rights activist), Mohammad hosein Esmaeil (Manager of Khorasan Turklari site), Bahram Esmaeil beigi (Manager of (evolution wanter and member of office of unity consoliating periods), Dr. Alireza Asgharzadeh (Professor and researcher), Afsaneh Esfahanizadeh, Gholamali Esfahanizadeh, Elham Esfahanian, Hosein Esfahanian, Araz Asl khalkhali, Dadash Aslanzadeh (cultural active), Solmaz Aslanzadeh, Sevim Aslanzadeh, Yashar Aslanzadeh, Babak Aslani (Azerbaijani civil rights activist), Negar Aslani (Women rights active), Atilla Etemadi (Turkmen active), Baharak Etemadi ( Human rights active), Mehdi Etemadi, Naser Afsharli, Ali Afsharli (Human rights active), Mahmud ali Afsharieh, Amir Eghnayi, Mohammad reza Alardabili (Azerbaijani civil rights activist), Nasrin Almasi (journalist and writer), Rajab Elyasi (Turkmen active), Safura Elyasi (member of council of defence of schooling right), Akbar Amanati, Amir Amanati, professor Ahmad Omid yazdani, Farhad Omidvar, Nooshabeh Amiri (Women rights active and journalist), Asieh Amini (woman and Human rights active and journalist and poet), Mehdi Aminizadeh ( Human rights active), Ali Anjamrooz ( Human rights active), Elnaz Ansari (Women rights active), Vahab Ansari  , Hosein Anvar haghighi (Azerbaijani civil rights activist), Abbas Anvar haghighi (Azerbaijani civil rights activist), Ali Urman, Karim Urmulu (Azerbaijani civil rights activist), Elnaz Ustajlu, Aysan Ustajlu, Hosein Ustajlu, Sahar Ustajlu, Shahin Ustajlu (Human rights active), Leila Ustajlu, Dr. Maryam Ahari (Women rights active), Abdollah Ahvazi, Nader Ahvazi (television director), Hosein Ayyami, Somayye Ayyami, Reza İrvani, Roshanak İrvani, Jila Elbay gizi, Solmaz Elbay gizi, M. Eninali, Tooran Atabayli, Toghrol Atabay ( writer and turkolog), Abuzar Azaran (weblogger), Sevda Azarturk, Ozra Azari, Mehdi Azari, Mehdi Azari (Azerbaijani civil rights activist), Yaghub Azari, Marzieh Aryanfar (Women rights active), Elnaz Azad, Ayda Azad, Heidar Azad, Fatemeh Azad, Gozal Azad, Mohsen Azad, Yashar Azad, Mohammad Azadgar (researcher and political active ), Dr. Abbas Azadian (psychiatrist and adviser of Canadian center of defence of being excruciate), Dr. Daryush Ashoori (writer, researcher and professor), Mehdi Aghazadeh, Babak Akson (Azerbaijani civil rights activist), Arash Ahangar ghashghayi, Kaveh Ahangari, Parvaneh Ayati, Dr. Shakoor Babazadeh, Nahid Babazadeh (Women rights active), Elnaz Babayi (Women rights active), Okhtay Babayi, Dr. Yashil Babak, Ghazi Bashbogh, Naser Baghir oghlu, Nader Baghir oghlu  (joshghun azar oghlu) ), Khaghan Baghir oghlu, Mehdi Bayramzadeh, Mehdi Bayramzadeh, Leili Bakhshipoor, Sahand Bakhshian, Monireh Baradaran, Dr. Reza Baraheni (writer and literary ctitic), Faezeh Barghi, Naser Baliday (active of Baloochestan national movement and member of Baloochestan people party), Safieh Bandookht, Javid Banifatemeh, Maryam Baharan, Shahla Bahardoost (Human rights active and journalist), Dr. Mehran Bahari (researcher), Gelaleh Bahrami (Women rights active), Nejat Bahrami ( Human rights active), Poorya Behravan, Hasan Behgar, Arash Bahmani (journalist and liberal democrat), Sabri Bahmani (Women rights active), Nahid Bahmani (member of leading of Kurdistan’s kumleh party), Ahmad reza Bayat shirazi, Afsaneh Bayati, Saeideh Bidokht (Azerbaijani civil rights activist), Dr. Bahram Bigdeli (responsible of defence of political jailor in Coln in Jermany), Reza Beigzadeh, Ayda Bilgin, Aysan Bilgin, Aylin Bilgin, Mahmud Bilgin (Azerbaijani civil rights activist), Hashem Bilgin, Akbar Pashayi, Solmaz Pooraghdam, Ahmad Poordastan (Azerbaijani civil rights activist), Goli Poorrostami, Khadijeh Poormahdi, Khalil Poormahdi, Rasul Poormahdi, Ali Poormahdi, Salman Poornajaf, Saleh Poornajaf, Kazem Poornajaf, Zeinab Peighambarzadeh (Women rights active), Balal Tabei, Ali Tatar, Mohammad Tarian, Ramezan Tariverdi, Elyar Tabrizli, Reza Tabrizi, Khosro Tajrobeh kar, Hajar Tarkhani (Azerbaijani civil rights activist), Aydin Taghipoor (Azerbaijani civil rights activist), Robabeh Taghizadeh, Ali TAghipoor, Ayda Tamjidi, Hasan Tamjidi, Azim Tamjidi, Dr. Nayyereh Tohidi, Babak Tehrani, Somayye Tehrani, Mojgan Servati (Women rights active), Ahmad Jaber (translator and Ahvazi Arab journalist), Abdollah Jebraeili, Khoraman Jafarava, Asghar Jafarbeigi (Azerbaijani civil rights activist), Elman Jafarpoor, Hasan Jafarpoor, Hosein Jafarpoor, Sarigol Jafarpoor, Kamal Jafarpoor, Mortaza Jafarpoor, Mostafa Jafarpoor, Nushin Jafargizi, Akbar Jafari, Hamed Jafari, Reza Jafari, Fatemeh Jafari, Yashar Jafari, Amir Jalayer Edrisi, Sohrab Jalayer Edrisi, Bayram Jalili, Pinar Jalili, Ahmad Jamshidi, Esmaeil Jamili (poet), Behrooz Javadi, Sara Javadi, Jelveh Javaheri (Women rights active), Mahmud Joshghun, Ahad Jolani, Mohammad Jahanbakhsh, Esfandyar Jahanbakhshi, Ghazaleh Jahanshah, Rahim Jahangirpoor, Zeinab Jahangirpoor, Saber Jahangirpoor, Abdollah Jahangirpoor, Latifeh Jahangirpoor, Mahmud Jahangirpoor, Masumeh Jahangirpoor, Mansooreh Jahangirpoor, Mahdieh Jahangirpoor, Vahid Jahangirpoor, Hosein Jahani, Kazem Jahani, Hamid Hatam khani (Azerbaijani civil rights activist), Seifoddin Hatamlooni, Elchin Hatami (Azerbaijani civil rights activist), Ali Haji, Habibeh Hafezi, Ali Hamed iman (Azerbaijani civil rights activist), Babak Habibi, Jalal Hojatti ( Human rights active), Abdolhosein Hordan (Ahvazi Arab political and cultural active), Roza Hesami, Samad Hasanzadeh, Giti Hasanzadeh, Hadi Hasanzadeh, Hosein Hasanzadeh asl, Giti Hasanpoor, Roya Hasanpoor abhari, Ahad Hasankhani, Siamak Hasankhani, Mina Hasankhani, Hatef Hasankhani, Jaber Hasanzadeh, Saber Hasanzadeh, Mehdi Hasanzadeh, Elham Hasanlu, Shahin Hasani (Azerbaijani civil rights activist), Monireh Hasani, Firooz Hoseinoghlu, Maryam Hoseinkhah (journalist and Women rights active), Hooshang Hoseinzadeh, Hosein Hoseinpoor, Saeid (Halfi, Asghar Hamdi (Azerbaijani civil rights activist), Noruz Hamzi (journalist), Abd Hamidi (Human rights active), Hadi Hamidi, Hamid Hanifi, Azar Heidargizi (Azerbaijani civil rights activist), Hosein Heidari, Sattar Heidari, Fatemeh Heidari, Mehdi Heidari  (Azerbaijani civil rights activist), Mehdi Heidari, Moghaddam Heidarizadeh, Fakhreddin Heidarian ( Human rights active), Sharif Heivazi, Amir Khaleghi, Fatemeh Khaleghi, Behzad Khodabandeloo (Azerbaijani civil rights activist), Allahverdi Khodayi, Jebraeil Khodayi, Sarieh Khodayi, Gholi Khodayi, Mehdi Khodayi, Noruz Khodayi, Abbas Khorsandi, Mostafa khosravi ( Human rights active), Vida khosravi ( Human rights active), Elnaz Khalkhali, Alireza khalili, Roya Khoyi,  (Mohammad reza Khoyi, Akram Kheirkhah (Women rights active), Abdollah Kheirkhah, Reza Dadashnejad, Shoorangiz Dadashi (Women rights active), Masood Dadashi, Yashar Daneshgar, Fariba Davoodi mohajer (Women rights active), Dr. Javad Derakhti (Azerbaijani civil rights activist and chief of Azerbaijanis congress), Hasan Derakhshan, professor Habib (Darzi nevis, Ali Darvazeh ghari, Eivaz Dasmard, Yaman Dasmard, Salamat Dashti, Habib Daliri, ch Amir Dalili, Jaber Donyamali, Mostafa Dolatkhah (Azerbaijani civil rights activist), Mohammad ali Dolatmandi, Reza Dehghan (changi), Aydin Dehghani (national movement and Women rights active), Atabak Diari, Aysan ZolghaDr., Hurieh ZolghaDr.i, Elaheh Radmehr, Sajjad Radmehr (Azerbaijani civil rights activist), Saleh Radmehr, Jafar Rashedi, Hasan Rashedi (writer and researcher and Azerbaijani civil rights activist), Biyuk Raei, Vali Raei, Maryam Rahmani (Women rights active), Ahmad Rahimi, Nariman Rahimi, Ayat Razzaghi, Jaber Razzaghi, Nasir Razzaghi, Sohrab Rashtbari, Ali Rashtbari, Isa Rashtbari, Ebrahim Rashidi (Azerbaijani civil rights activist), Amir Rashidi (Women rights active), Kami Rezania, Pinar Rezayi, Ali Rezayi, Mohammad Rezayi, Mehdi Rezayi, Kaveh Rezaei shiraz, Ehsan Ramezanian ( Human rights active), Alireza Rahbari, Sevda Zebardast, Shalaleh Zebardast, Hasan Zerehi (redactor of Canadian citizen publication), Kaveh Zanjanli, Mohammad Zeineddini (Balooch active), Ramezan Saedi (writer and journalist), Nahi Saedi (political and cultural active), Musa Saket (redactor of  Human rights active in eastern Azerbaijan), Atilla Sababi, Manaf Sababi (chief of Azar Swede assembly and Azerbaijani civil rights activist), Bahram Sepasgozar, Sooreh Sarbazi, Ayda Saadat (human and Women rights active), Babak Saadatmand, Leila Saadati, Abolfazl Sadollahi, Elnaz Sadollahi, Behrooz Sadollahi, Behzad Sadollahi, Khadijeh Sadollahi, Davood Sadollahi, Ebadollah Sadollahi, Ali Sadollahi, Mahnaz Sadollahi, Vali Sadollahi, Yunes Sadollahi, Mohammad Saeidzadeh, Mahmud Saeidzadeh ( Human rights active), Teimur Saljoogh, Reza Salahshur, Nahid Soltanzadeh, Hedayat Soltanzadeh (researcher and writer), Saber Soltani, Ali Soltani (Azerbaijani civil rights activist), Adnan Salman, Khanim Salmanzadeh, Maryam Salmanzadeh, İlghar Soleimani, دکتر Araz Soleimani, Soleiman Soleimani, Feisal Savari (political active), Afsaneh Sulduzlu (national movement and Women rights active), Bahram Sohrabi, Amir Soylam, Ali Siasi rad ( Human rights active), Hurieh Seyyed Abbasi, Mahmud Seyyed karimi, Asad Seif, Farshid Sigari, Soleiman Sima ( Human rights active), Afsaneh Senvigin (Women rights active), Sattar Senvigin (chief of federation of Azerbaijanis in Swede and Azerbaijani civil rights activist), Hosein Shakhesi, engineer Hamid shafei (Azerbaijani civil rights activist), Ali Shamli, Yunes Shamli (Azerbaijani civil rights activist), Aslan Shahsevan, Azadeh Shahsevan, Shahla Shahsevan, Yunes Shahveran, Akbar Shabani, Abbas Shabani, Masumeh Shabani, Babak Sharbiani, Navid Sherkati, Jalil Sharhani, engineer Hasan Shariatmadari (political active), Amir Sharifnia, Ramin Sharifnia, Musa Sharifi, Ruhi Shafiei (writer and Human rights active), Omid Shokri (Azerbaijani civil rights activist), Jebraeil Shokri, Asghar Shakiba, Dr. Akbar Shakiba, Hosein Shamsi, Bagher Shahnazi, Negin Sheikholeslami vatani (journalist and Human rights active), Shahbeddin Sheikhi (human and Women rights active), Fereshteh Shirazi (Women rights active), Mohammad Shirzad, Sirus Shiri (Azerbaijani civil rights activist), Firuz Shiri, Abolghasem Sadeghi, Fattaneh Sadeghi (Women rights active), Simin Sabri, Isa Sabri, Musa Sabri, Rashid Saburi, Leila Sehat (Women rights active), Dr. Ziaa SaDr.olashrafi (writer and researcher), Samira SaDr.i, engineer Alireza Sarrafi (writer and researcher), Jalal Safaroghlu, Hasan Safari (Azerbaijani civil rights activist), Soheil Safari, Yavar Safari, Farzad Samadli (Azerbaijani civil rights activist), Amirreza Sayyadi (Azerbaijani civil rights activist), Ebrahim Zahhak, Golshan Zarbi, Masumeh Ziaa, Farah Taheri (journalist), Hadi Tarfi (journalist), Fazel Tarifi, Susan Toluei, Yusef Tahmasbzadeh, Ahdieh Ebadi, Afsar Abbas taghi dizaj, Elham Abbaspoor, Elnaz Abbaszadeh, Farah Abbaszadeh, Mahbubeh Abbasgholi (Women rights active), Javad Abbasi, Hasan Abbasi, Hosein Abbasi, Mohammad Abbasi, Mohammad reza Abbasioon ali ababd, Kamal Abdolkhani, Vejdan Abdorrahman, Zarifeh Abdollahi, Ali Abdollahi, Alireza Abdollahi, Golnareh Abdollahi, Turaj Abdolzadeh, Gholi Abdolzadeh, Misagh Abdoli sisiam, Dr. Karim Abdian (political active), Naser Abiat (cultural active), Mohammad Atighinejad, Fariba Ajami, Ahmad Ajami hidaj, Dr. Reza Edalati, Dr. Sedigheh Edalati (professor and researcher), Javad Edalati, Javad Adli, Mehdi Araghi, Parvin Araghi marashi, Mehdi Arabshahi (Human rights active), Aslan Arabluni, Babak Arabluni, Rahel Azmi, Sajjad Azizi (Azerbaijani civil rights activist), Saeid Azizi (Azerbaijani civil rights activist), Soheila Azizi, Yusef Azizi bani taraf (Human rights active) Esmat Atayi, Akbar Atri (Human rights active), Dr. Kazem Alamdar (sociology professor of California university), Bahareh Alavi (Women rights active), Reza Alavi sani, Jafar Aliabbasi, Ebrahim Alipoor, Gholamhosein Alipoor, Gholamhosein Alipoorasl, Fariba Alipoor khoramdareh, Shahin Alizadeh, Gholamali Alizadeh, Yusef Alizadeh azar, Gholamali Alizadeh maraghe, Daryush Andalibian (Azerbaijani civil rights activist), Behbud Gholami, Dr. Tavakkol Ghanilu (professor and researcher), Arsan Gheibi, Biyuk Gheibi, Kobra Gheibi, Mirvali Gheibi, Naser Gheibi, Farshid Faryabi, Heidar Fattahi, Rohollah Fattahi, Fereshteh Farahani, Abolfazl Farajzadeh, Hasan Farajzadeh, Hosein Farajzadeh, Hamid Farajzadeh, Sakineh Farajzadeh, Aghil Farajzadeh, Fatemeh Farajzadeh, Fereshteh Farajzadeh, Mahbub (Farajzadeh, Mahmud Farajzadeh, Maliheh Farajzadeh, Mahdieh Farajzadeh, Khadijeh Faraji, Yargheib Faraji, Behnam Fardi, Esmat Fardi, Nasib Fardi, Yaghub Fardi, Yusef Fardi, Mahmud Farzaneh, Somayyeh Farshi, Gholam Farhangi, Somayyeh Farid (Women rights active), Faranak Farid (Women rights active), engineer Amin Fazli (Azerbaijani civil rights activist), Saber Fazli, Sorayya Fallah (Womenand Human rights active), Aghabeigom feizollahi, Ali Garapapagh, Eldar Garadaghli (Azerbaijani civil rights activist), Aghzi Garadaghli, Hasan Ghasempoor, Hosein Ghasempoor, Khanom Ghasempoor, ghasemali Ghasempoor, Akhtar Ghasemi, Ajdar Ghasemi, Mohsen Ghasemi (Azerbaijani civil rights activist), Masoom Ghasemi, Kaveh Ghasemi kermanshahi ( Human rights active), Saeid (Ghasemi nejad ( Human rights active), Dr. Ayyub Ghane, Mohammad Ghaem maghami ( Human rights active), Behrooz Gharababani (Azerbaijani civil rights activist), Akbar Ghorbani (Azerbaijani civil rights activist), Dr. Ali Gharajelu (professor and researcher), Shahin Ghezelbash, Fatemeh Ghezelbash khamseh, Zohreh Ghazvinizadeh, Hamid Gholizadeh, Dadash Gholizadeh, Rohollah Gholizadeh, Jila Gholizadeh (Azerbaijani civil rights activist), Solmaz Gholizadeh, Shahbaz Gholizadeh, Majid Gholizadeh, Mohammad Gholizadeh, Vahid Gholizadeh, Hosein Ghanbari, Zahra Ghanbari, Hanieh Gorkhmaz (Women rights active), Soheila Ghahremani, Mavi Ghahremani, Yashar Ghahremani, Hasan Kazemzadeh, Reza Kazemi, Majid Kazemi, Ali Kafi, Saleh Kamrani (jurist and Azerbaijani civil rights activist), Hadi Kahalzadeh ( Human rights active), Kaveh Kermanshahi (human and Women rights active), Abdol Karimzehi (weblogger), Shahla Karimzadeh, Solmaz Karimzadeh asl, Amir Karimi, Behrooz Karimi, Behzad Karimi  , Reza Karimi, Ali Karimi (Azerbaijani civil rights activist), Alireza Karimi, Vajiheh Karimi, Mohammad ali Karimi asl, Ali Keshavarz, Khalil Kabi (writer and political active), Hasan Kamandar, Hamed Kanani (journalist), Jalal Kodarilu (Azerbaijani civil rights activist), Amir (Kiarasi, Atilla Kishizadeh (Azerbaijani civil rights activist), Atabak Kiumarsi, Ahmad Kiumarsi, Asghar Kiumarsi, Akbar Kiumarsi, Babak Kiumarsi, Hosein Kiumarsi, Saman Kiumarsi, Samira Kiumarsi, Fatemeh Kiumarsi, Mohsen Kiumarsi, Mohsen Kiumarsi, Ebad Gargari, Alireza Golzarnia, Seyyed meisam Golestani ( Human rights active), Guntay Ganjalp (writer, researcher and Azerbaijani civil rights activist), Javid Guney, Hasan Lahiji, Negarossadat Lahiji, Abbas Lesani (Azerbaijani civil rights activist), Elham Latifi (social researcher and Women rights active), Jila M. Shariatpanahi (Women rights active), Mahmud Maheri (Human rights active), Leila Mojtahedi, Kazem Majdam (journalist and political active), Asgar Mojarrad (Azerbaijani civil rights activist), Daryush Majlesi, Elham Mahbubi, Mahbubeh Mohebbi, Susan Moharrami, Ali Mohammadzadegan, Yashar Mohammadzadegan, Behkam Mohammadi (Azerbaijani civil rights activist), Bahman Mohammadi  , Rojin Mohammadi, Saman Mohammadi (Azerbaijani civil rights activist), Farahnaz Mohammadi  , Nasrin Mohammadi, Navid Mohammadi nasab abad (Azerbaijani civil rights activist), Sayyad Mohammadian, Azad Mahmudi, Shahab Mokhberi, Ahmad Mokhtari (Azerbaijani civil rights activist), Ali Mokhtari (Azerbaijani civil rights activist), Nasrin Mokhtari, Aydin Mokhles alavi, Balal Moradveisi (human and Women rights active), Shaahin Moradi, Saber Moradi, Adel Moradi, Amir (Mardani (Azerbaijani civil rights activist), Farangiz Moradi, Fariz Marishedi (writer and political active), Dr. Sharzad Masoodi, Dr. Mehrdad Mashayekhi (sociology professor of Georgetown university), Esmaeil Moshfeghifar, Mansoor Moshfeghifar, Mohammad Mesri, Kaveh Mozaffari (human and Women rights active), Mehri Memar hoseini  , Mahmud Memarnejad  , Ali Moeini, Khadijeh Moghaddam (Women rights active), Rezvan Moghaddam (Women rights active), Parvin Moghaddam khamseh, Farah Moghaddam maraghi, Mohammad Moghim beigi (Azerbaijani civil rights activist), Hasan Mollazadeh, Ali Mollazadeh (Azerbaijani civil rights activist), Ehsan Melaki, Ali Malek, Amir Malekzadeh, Agha mohammad Malekzadeh, Aziz Malekzadeh, Mahbub Malekzadeh, Reza Manafi (Azerbaijani civil rights activist), Yashar Montazeri mahdavi, Hasan Montazemi, Hesam Mansoori ( Human rights active), Naser Manzoori (writer and researcher), Hamid Musavi, Reza Musavi, Hadi Musavi, Aliakbar Musani khoeini (former chief of  Human rights active), Atabak Musavi nasab ( Human rights active), Kaveh Musavipoor, Hanieh Musavipoor, Saeid (Mughanli, Leila Mola najafabadi, Azizeh Molayi, Esha Momeni (Women rights active), Reza Mohajer, Zohreh Mohajer irvani, Habib Mahavi, Mehdi Mahdavian asl, Farrokh Mehdipoor, Mahsa Mehdili (Azerbaijani civil rights activist), İran Mehr, Ahad Mehralibeiglu, Esmaeil Mehralibeiglu, Akram Mehralibeiglu, Okhtay Mehralibeiglu, İpak Mehralibeiglu, Ayda Mehralibeiglu, Ayhan Mehralibeiglu, Bahador Mehralibeiglu, Bahram Mehralibeiglu, Bahman Mehralibeiglu, Paria Mehralibeiglu, Peiman Mehralibeiglu, Taghi Mehralibeiglu, Jaber Mehralibeiglu, Javad Mehralibeiglu, Javad Mehralibeiglu, Hasan Mehralibeiglu, Hosein Mehralibeiglu, Khanim giz Mehralibeiglu, Rostam Mehralibeiglu, Reza Mehralibeiglu, Rohollah Mehralibeiglu, Zahra Mehralibeiglu, Saeid (Mehralibeiglu, Sakineh Mehralibeiglu, Samira Mehralibeiglu, Somayyeh Mehralibeiglu, Savad Mehralibeiglu, Safar Mehralibeiglu, Samad Mehralibeiglu, Azim Mehralibeiglu, Ali Mehralibeiglu, Aliakbar Mehralibeiglu, Enayat Mehralibeiglu, Fatemeh Mehralibeiglu, Farahnaz Mehralibeiglu, Fariba Mehralibeiglu, Ghodrat Mehralibeiglu, Kalam Mehralibeiglu, Leili Mehralibeiglu, Mohammad Mehralibeiglu, Mohammad Mehralibeiglu, Masood Mehralibeiglu, Maliheh Mehralibeiglu, Mehdi Mehralibeiglu, Mehdi Mehralibeiglu, Nosrat Mehralibeiglu, Ahmad Mirzapoor, Anvar Mirsattari (member of Belgic green party and Human rights active), Mir alireza Mirmoeidi , Azad Naderi, Nasibeh NAderi, Ebrahim Namdar, Hamid Namdar, Fatemeh Namdar, Mohsen Namdar, Vahid Namdar, Hasan Nayeb hashemi, Aylar Nabizadeh, Alireza Nabi najafi, Yusef Nejatbakhsh, Siamak Najafi, Sabri Najafi (Women rights active), Aydin Narimani, Hasan Narimani, Salamat Narimani, Ali Narimani, Araz Nasimi, Nahid Nosrat (Womenaffair active), Azadeh Nasirzadeh, Sajjad Nasiri, Arash Nasir eghbali, Mohammad Nazari, Dr. Alireza Nazmi afshar (Azerbaijani civil rights activist), engineer Saeid (Naeimi (Azerbaijani civil rights activist), Mehdi Naeimi (Azerbaijani civil rights activist), Araz Naghsh afarin, Shiva Nojoo (Women rights active), Tohid Noruzi, Sadegh Noruzi (Azerbaijani civil rights activist), Homeila Nisgilli (Women rights active), Abdolhosein Neisi (cultural active), Behnam Nikzad, Rahim Vahedi (Azerbaijani civil rights activist),  Zahra Vahedi, Sakineh Vosughi, Khadijeh Varmazyari, Daryush Varmazyari, Rashid Varmazyari, Hedayat Varmazyari, Hosein Vatandust, Ghaffar Vaghri (Azerbaijani civil rights activist), Aydin Vakili, Hasan Valizadeh, Masood Haray (Azerbaijani civil rights activist), Dr. Mohammad Hashemi, Hasan Hargoli  Damirchi (musician), Dr. Mohammad reza Heiat (linguist and researcher), Azadeh Yasham (Azerbaijani civil rights activist), Araz Yahyayi, Arman Yahyayi, Dr. Hosein Yahyayi (professor and researcher), Faraz Yekita (Women rights active), Elham Yamini afshar, Bahaeddin Yusefzadeh, Firooz Yusefi (Azerbaijani civil rights activist),


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